Ultimate Spiderman / Nintendo DS

As a Senior Animator, I have rigged-skinned and animated variety of characters. Worked closely with directors, animators, designers and programmers. Like last year's game, Ultimate Spider-Man approaches the action in a very Viewtiful Joe-inspired design. The characters, objects, and environments all utilize the Nintendo DS system's 3D capabilities complete with a free-flowing, almost dynamic camera to follow the action. But the gameplay itself is strictly restricted to a 2D plane instead of the exploration heavy design of the upcoming console versions. But it's a decision that works for the unique nature of the Nintendo DS hardware. The Nintendo DS version is a completely unique experience, and what's more the development team have worked in some really great dual screen and touchscreen elements into the mix. Release Date: September 22, 2005 E10+ for Everyone 10 and older: Cartoon Violence Genre: Action Publisher: Activision Developer: Vicarious Visions

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